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2/13/2013 CSC Corporal allows inmates to SMOKE!

February 28, 2013

On 2/13/2013, at approximately 10am, while at the dump located on Omohundro Drive in Nashville, a DCSO correctional services truck (Metro 1087) stopped, allowing three inmates to exit the vehicle and smoke what appears to be two cigarettes. Upon completion of smoking the cigarettes, the inmates get into the CSC truck, driven by a white individual, with what appeared to be white hair, exiting the dump site. The DCSO claims to have a STRICT stance against contraband possession by inmates, even DEMOTING and terminating officers in the past for such allegations.

It has been alleged that Michael Raines, head of correctional services, purchased 2 cartons of cigarettes and handed them out to inmate workers during the flood. It is also alleged that CJC administrator Dan Weikal bought cigarettes, giving them to DCSO administrator Chris Brown to hand out to inmates working at Habitat for Humanity during the flood. Why are some deputies punished, and some (Justin Norris for example) allowed to continually embarrass the department? What will happen to this Corporal who allowed the inmates to smoke on 2/13/13? Our guess, if they are “friends of Daron” nothing will happen…If they are not..they may be in trouble.

The citizens of Nashville need to stand up and vote this puppet Daron Hall and his his idiotic cronies out of office!


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  1. HEY KITTY KAT permalink

    HDC officer Hugh Watson was forced to resign by way of verbal fireing March 1st 2013, for doing his job as required. But the BIG BAD BOSSMAN had other plans for Watson. I have never seen such hate at HDC in all my years.

  2. YES SIR! Our team is working on this sad situation! Our hearts go out to the Lesure family and they DESERVE BETTER from their employer! They deserve to be with their ill child.. As other employees have before them.

    Byron, I know it gets cold squeezing your jello body into that ‘tour de france’ onesie and riding your bike around town .. But how can your heart be that cold?

  3. Mr. Anonymous permalink

    LOL GET OF THE ADMINS NUTSACK! They’re not going to hire you back because you take up for them on the interwebs. It wasn’t a ‘brainstorming’ exercise. It was a meeting to formulate a plan of action in case of an emergency. Dan’s plan would have killed everyone lol. Like the lady said, THIS IS THE IDIOCY THAT LEADS THE DEPARTMENT.

  4. Mr. Anonymous permalink


  5. Truth permalink

    @HDC There writing everybody up in an attempt to keep everybody quiet. They want everybody to work there 12 hour shift with no lunch or break. It’s just another lawsuit in the making.

    • The Prodigy permalink

      @HDC yea i heard they had fired a couple of people down there over the rounds and what not. That place is ran by morons. Pam Hale has never worked in a corrections uniform a day in her life but yet she is the Administrator, gimme a break no wonder that place is a laughing stock of DCSO. If she knew as about corrections as she did about her cheap A$$ weaves then i would give her some credit. Care for your staff as you do the inmates Pamela!!! And since when do case managers work 8 hrs, get a 2 hour lunch break, and never even speak to an inmate? Talk about cheating the government, these guys bring a new meaning to that.

      • The current Sheriff claims that there is not a morale problem with the officers… The agency has some of the most narcissistic, egotistical, selfish, tyrants as administrators! Officers have to manage the cities WORST criminals, meanwhile Dan Weikal, Jamie Johnson, Pam Hale, Chris Brown, Corley Pearson, Austin Bodie and company are playing puppet master With their lively hood.

  6. Prince Hall permalink

    If Jerry Clark and Dan Weikal had a love child.. It would be BUCKY BOYD

  7. Casey White permalink

    At the time I was in trouble, I was stressed beyond belief. All the negative comments about McDonalds hiring and we were dispensable because there were 100 other officers that wanted our jobs. When I finally quit, it was like a weight lifted off me. That place is a cancer! The things I was voluntold I had to do out there were crazy. Heres one y’all didn’t know about. Sheriff Hall had me and a few other officers put up his tent on Joann North’s property off of Neelys Bend Road, off the clock of course. I’m pretty sure thats illegal, just saying.

    • Casey, maybe you should have gotten a second mortgage, donated a few 10k to the Daron Hall campaign… You could have went from SMU to Captain! We would speculate around a 20k pay raise per year at tax payers expense! Then when you fall out of ‘jabba the hut’ aka ‘Mr. Donelson old folks home’ Mike Raines’ favor.. You could have kept your 50k a year and went to warrants!? The same guy has been wrote up a few times in warrants for driving issues. But the sad thing, is you are a regular guy, no politics, who came to work and busted your tail every day..

  8. The Prodigy permalink

    Speaking of morons how in the world did harry jines get the instuctor position at training academy. That dude couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He must be good at getting in and out of cars, which is what they teach us now. I feel so safe knowing i have the training on how to hold my hands at the 10 and 2 position. Give me a break.

    • Mr. Anonymous permalink

      Where has that loser Parker been hiding? Him and Jk1116 are bff’s and they’re butthurt they didn’t have the guts to make waves like those who made this website and filed lawsuits. Parker and John Bass snitch on fellow officers, take that thin blue line sticker off your cars losers!

  9. Mike Murphy. permalink

    I’m good. I don’t know what his problem is but I will resolve it if he makes one more reckless accusation. I come here every once in a while and even less when this guy posts his crap. I wish they’d ban him. I somewhat helped him after someone I respect asked but couldn’t do enough I guess and said some things about him refraining from posting here and he’s been butthurt against me ever since. The guy is imbalanced and getting crap advice from another moron.

  10. Mike Murphy. permalink

    who are you speaking of clark?

  11. Prince Hall permalink

    Weikal, brown, Jamie Johnson, Donna Kline aka ‘The Pennyslvania Mafia’ all rode the coat tails of Jim Kramer!

    I was in a emergency seminar and the scenario was presented, how to evacuate CJC if a deadly gas cloud was a mile away and closing in. DAN WEIKAL’ s plan was to call mobile booking and FINGERPRINT every inmate coming out if CJC prior to evacuating, by loading two buses and shipping the 500+ inmates. Keep in Mind the mobile booking probably holds 10 people, takes several minutes per person to fingerprint. Everyone in room, probably 30 administrators, supervisors, SORT members all started laughing. This is the type of idiocy the DCSO is managed by!

  12. Mike Murphy. permalink

    why’d you guys delete my comment?

  13. Prince Hall permalink

    Who ever started this site is a genius! This entire blog is pure gold! Everyone on blast here deserves it and even more! Also thanks to whomever recorded the awesome video lol. If you want reel dirt on the trucks division look into ALAN SHONTING and his he went from a cpl to captain and all the things he did there.

  14. Mike Murphy. permalink

    It is a sad day when a guy’s health issues are fodder for discussion. These comments making fun of him are over the top and should be removed (request to mods, please consider removing health related comments about anyone). I wish Chris well and pray for his recovery. I always thought he was a very classy guy. As for Laura, so what if she smoked? The lady is smart and nice to her colleagues. That agency needs far more like her.

    • Very true Mr. Murphy! Someone’s health is not a joke, and shouldn’t be laughed at. Maybe a slight exception for health related issues brought on by bad behavior, for example Mike Raines over eating, 60% of Dolphins fans having VD, just my humble opinion. However, you are right on the money.

      We heard of the numerous write ups at HDC and WHOEVER is behind it, wether its Chris Brown, Pam Hale, Tony Wilkes, John Ford, it’s sad. Administrators are said to run around bragging how they ‘beat the shit’ out of inmates during the tornadoes, an investigator is said to brag about ‘holding an inmate over an elevator shaft.’ Yet, officers 5 minutes late on rounds are suspended? The money, time and energy that is actually put into watching these officers to see if they are minutes late? Why not put the money into the officers pockets, they have not had a raise in years! How much did this ‘commander’ system cost the tax payers? It is a tool to further enslave the officer, keep them down, and will only keep morale low.

      We personally do not know Mrs. Looch, but if you vouch for her then she must be a great person, wether she’s a member of TeamCorley or not!

  15. Lady Victory permalink

    I sat on a few UOF review boards with Weikal and Chris Brown and OMG they are idiots! I remember a inmate refused to give up his thumb for PID in booking, and the officer physically forced his thumb out. Chris Brown literally said that if they refuse, just put them into a holding cell into they verbally agree to comply. Leaving metro waiting LMFAOO!!! Someone actually asked him if he was ‘on crack’ now he looks like he is on crack!

  16. The Prodigy permalink

    What a joke Chris Brown is, dude is a joke. I hear he is sending everyone at HDC to D board for next to nothing. Sitting in his comfy office looking like an AIDS patients watching film from months ago headhunting people trying to find they have done wrong. Do things my way, well be a man and address your staff and explain to them what your way is instead of writing them up Mr. Tom Hanks from the movie Philadelphia.

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