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*UPDATED* Is the DCSO going to cover for Corley Pearson?

February 12, 2013

As of 2-28-13 Corley Pearson is said to be ‘back at work.’ No word if Pearson received any sanctions as of yet.

Please read the below statements by Karla West in regards to the Corley Pearson courtroom incident… DCSO CLAIMS that an investigation is ongoing as to what transpired in the courtroom…however Karla is ALREADY stating that the incident was “confusion, a miscommunication, at no time threatening…” How in the world can the DCSO make the statements, when an investigation is pending? It sounds as if the decision is already made. So ask yourself, would the average deputy receive such treatment?


A Davidson County sheriff’s deputy is on routine administrative leave after a physical altercation in a Metro courtroom involving the deputy’s gun.

The incident happened Friday afternoon in the General Sessions courtroom of Judge Casey Moreland

According to sources, the judge was unhappy about a prisoner’s release schedule and summoned for sheriff’s department supervisor Corley Pearson.

“There were words exchanged in the courtroom between the judge and one of our employees,” said Davidson County sheriff’s office spokesperson, Karla West.

Sources confirm that court officers asked the sheriff’s deputy to surrender his weapon while the judge contemplated contempt of court charges.

Sources say Deputy Pearson didn’t comply in a timely manner, prompting court officers to approach and put their hands on him.

Pearson had already pulled his weapon.

“There were a few seconds where it was hands on,” West said, adding, “He was going to surrender his weapon. I think there was some confusion in the courtroom as to what that move was.”

Sheriff’s officials say at no time was there a threat or act of aggression and called the incident a miscommunication. They say the deputy’s gun was out because the deputy was complying with the court order.

However, sources close to the investigation say the moment was so volatile a Metro police officer seated in court pulled her service weapon.

“There were some other individuals who maybe saw that as threatening, but it is important to point out Having a weapon in open court with some threatening moves indicates that individual would have been arrested, but at no point was Mr. Pearson arrested, booked or charged with anything,” West said. “It really seemed to be a moment of confusion.”

The deputy’s gun was secured.

The district’s attorney’s office says it is not investigating since no charges have been filed.

A Metro police spokesperson said the department is not investigating the incident.

Judge Moreland has declined to comment on the incident.


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  1. Badger permalink

    Clark fully participated in training after the incident and then went to the range and qualified. He also shook hands with his “attacker’ at the range!

  2. Lady Victory permalink

    Awwwww I hear good ol ‘Travis’ Corley is still on admin leave? But hey, look at the bright side! Travis will have more free time work on
    His flat top, cheat on Lori, make a Harlem Shake video, stab his friends in the back and try to hook up with their wives. Travis was a good guy back at Maplewood. I guess he changed 😦

  3. The Yeti permalink

    I like how you lied about being choked out. You made all those officers have to talk to a homicide detective over some petty bullshit!

  4. MynameisBennett permalink

    WOW. Clark, I thought you were annoying to work with but after reading all this gibberish I am thankful to have never wasted precious moments having conversations with you. You are just rambling on about the most random and not so random things in a random order. Mental Illness is real…see somebody.

  5. ZombieHunter permalink

    HO-LEE SHIT wtf is clark talking about. Cut off the internet man so your employment will last longer

    • Losersinlife permalink

      For everyone who is on here trying to criticize and get what I don’t know back from losing their jobs, GET A LIFE. The leaders of this are some of the most redneck, downright stupidest people, that would benefit more for themselves and their families by just moving on. Funny that this same person trying to talk about everyone else was trying to draw disability and go hunting at the same time. Tell me how that works? We all will have to answer to God … Spend your time here at peace, at least attempting to do the right things. But all this crap right here is for the birds. And why some of you are following this ignorance I will never understand. Funny how much you appreciated the job and th place when you had it.

  6. Had Enough permalink

    Blog from DCSO computers. Joan Sheffer is a damn wizard at tracking this sort of thing, and “Chesty” and the boys are starting to witch hunt.

  7. Had Enough permalink

    By the way, you might want to warn your readers not to comment or submit to this b

  8. Mr. Anonymous permalink

    To: Had Enough

    Did Ford name who he thought was behind it? Ford couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack! He is like the Wizard of Oz, ‘pay no attention to the scared little child behind the curtain!’ As its been said earlier, putting every ounce of energy that your weak 170 lb body can muster into a handshake, does not make you a man! Nobody respects you Ford.. We all laugh at you! You swing from Capt. Claw’s (Gilbert) nuts and make him a Captain, meanwhile spitting in the face of every deputy. You take Yarlett and his chicken scratch tattoos to Spalding to pick up 500 ‘Vince Young TN Titan’ footballs LMAOO! Those balls were heading to the shredder or Mozambique along with SF 49ers 2012 NFL Champion t shirts! Enjoy your 115k paycheck, because you are laughed at!! But at least you have a ‘chesty’ secretary 🙂

    Good Luck Had Enough! I left in 2008 and am loving life.

  9. Had Enough permalink

    Well, you should have been at the management meeting yesterday. You have never seen a more disgusting display of arrogance in your life. Daron, with all the lieutenants and above present, mentioned this blog by name, except his little snide comment was “They should change the name of the blog to ‘People Fired by Daron Hall’. He also made a point of notifying the management group that “there is no morale problem”, just a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, and that he basically wanted to hear nothing about a morale problem. They then basically removed everyone’s first amendment rights by informing us that there is a new social media policy coming that will basically make any statements made in social media by an employee of the DCSO punishable if you have DCSO listed on your profile anywhere. Also, they are now taking the CompStat approach to management. Instead of dealing with delinquent and inept supervisors in private, they are now going to have a monthly meeting where they show a plethora of stats (OT, sick leave use, facility grievance stats, etc.) and then humiliate you in front of the group when you are perceived as lacking in some area. Motivating, huh?

    • Wow! Hate to say it but I’m Not shocked! The sad thing is how many of those ‘fired’ people have won wrongful termination suits, settlements or will win in the future? Be smart, be proactive.. record all meetings with supervisors, document everything, forward emails to your personal email, take pictures. I can assure you that if and WHEN they choose to screw you.. You’ll be so glad that you did! You would be surprised at the things administrators will say when they think no one is recording…we actually have a few on file that will blow your mind when eventually released..

      The fact that the blog was mentioned and the policy formed proves that they are SHOOK UP. It also proves how Daron truly feels about his people… He DOESNT care. For the money deputies make, This type of harassment and treatment is just not worth it.

      Please be advised management.. We will not stop! A nice video of three inmates and a silver haired community services deputy SMOKING at the Allied Waste dump on Omahundra will be coming up soon.

      • Had Enough permalink

        Doesn’t surprise me. Oh, and John “Chesty” Ford was hilarious, strutting around talking smack about who he thought was writing this blog and how he would like to know who was doing it, like he was going to order a small unit assault on the author. Big mouth for a REMF that commanded brigs while other Marines fought in wars. He is such a joke.

      • In case your wondering…

        Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. One who has no frontline or combat experience, and therefore makes huge errors at expense of human life.

  10. *update*

    We are hearing that Chelle Ray is conducting the investigation, and those who have viewed the video of the incident, claim it DOES NOT look good for Pearson. We hear that some bad language was used by Pearson during the incident… We would like to remind everyone that a VERY respected Lieutenant was disciplined for using foul language with inmates, who were acting out during a medical emergency.

    To DCSO supervisors: We get reports from EVERYWHERE, everyday, from all metro agency’s, attorneys, civilians.., DCSO needs to stop worrying about who is ‘leaking’ info and worry about doing what’s right, and treating people FAIR!!!! If Daron and his cronies were doing this from day 1… This blog wouldn’t exist.

  11. shawn permalink

    Why was i not released on time? The state needs to pay me for losing my job falling behind on bills almost losing my car and pulling my son from daycare (2 years old) not to mention the two days i will never get back in life

    • We hope you have consulted an attorney?? Good luck in the future Shawn, we hope you sue for damages! Sadly, this isn’t the first time deputies under Corley Pearson’s command have violated inmates rights.. Lew Walser ‘forgot’ a lady in the courthouse overnight on a Friday afternoon!

    • Shawn, you were present during the ‘gun pulling’ incident? Could you tell us what you saw? Thanks!

    • lauralooch permalink

      It appears that the criminal court clerk is who you need to sue; and honestly, they make a LOT of mistakes. You can sue for unlawful imprisonment but you really cannot successfully sue DCSO because DCSO never got the paperwork from the criminal court clerk to release you. Lead a more disciplined life in the future, and these kinds of things won’t happen to you.

  12. QUESTION: Corley Pearson does not wear a duty belt, he wears a ‘paddle’ holster that attatches by clipping to his regular belt. Why not simply remove the ENTIRE HOLSTER, if he felt he needed to remove his weapon?

  13. Unclaimed money for the family of Wilford Ratton permalink

    Karla isn’t too bright is she? Maybe she should stick to her love life baby mama drama Instead of speaking! Who are you in love with this week? Weikal, Lou, Tom, high school sweetheart, Gentry, Ford, Daron? Geez Louise you aren’t too bright! An investigation is pending.. This means you shut your pie hole until its over.. Then portray the Image that the Dcso gave Pearson a legit investigation and cleared him lol.

  14. shawn permalink

    The sheriffs story is all lies i was in the courtroom

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