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*UPDATED* ASD Administrator Corley Pearson placed on administrative leave following courthouse incident!

February 9, 2013


*UPDATED* Corley Pearson placed on
Administrative leave following courthouse incident!

Several sources have alleged that Armed Services Administrator Corley “Travis” Pearson was involved in an embarrassing incident at the AA Birch courthouse yesterday. Allegedly an inmate was ordered to be released by a respected judge and the DCSO failed to release the inmate. Pearson and Sgt. Chris Hampton were called to the courtroom to explain the failure to release the inmate, as was ordered. Pearson is said to have been eventually ordered into custody by the judge, after failing to provide answers or assistance in the matter. A court officer allegedly placed his hand on Pearson in an attempt to escort him towards a chair or holding area. Pearson is said to have then became angry , pushed the hand of the court officer and jerked away. Then, at the worst possible time, without warning Pearson allegedly PULLED HIS WEAPON FROM HIS HOLSTER, causing the courtroom to gasp in shock. A court security officer is said to have then grabbed Pearson in some sort of head lock, until the weapon was secured. Supposedly, Pearson claims he was “handing the weapon” off to Sgt. Chris Hampton. Common sense says that in the midst of being ordered into custody, in a courtroom, and involved in a shoving match with court officials…PULLING YOUR WEAPON OUT without warning is probably the stupidest, most idiotic thing one could do! Is that how Pearson was trained to administratively remove his weapon? Eventually Pearson was released and inquiring minds will be watching to see what punishments IF ANY will come. It is common knowledge that the JUDGE is the ruling body of the courtroom and DCSO is there to abide by commands and provide whatever the judge orders. Why was this inmate not released, and why did Pearson and Hampton not PERSONALLY drive and pick up the inmate and bring him to the judge? Daron HAll and his cronies CONTINUE to embarrass themselves and the tax payers of Davidson County!

If your wondering what assistance Sgt. Chris Hampton provided towards his leader as he was being restrained by a security officer.. In standard “Chris Hampton fashion” he is said to have stood there and done nothing.

pictured: Corley Pearson (we love the flat top and gold nugget necklace, classy)


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  1. So a facility didn’t JUMP to release an inmate who may or may not have been flagged yet in the system to go—-and this is Pearson’s fault? Yes, let us all jump through hoops to release inmates who aren’t on the release list yet. That way we can be on Channel 5 news when it turns out they were wrongfully released. Pearson was, I am sure, dumbfounded. Asking officers to effect things out of policy is not good precedent. I was not there but I would surmise that trying to explain this to the judge may have seemed a bit over the top and contemptuous. This one is a real bell ringer for whining families! The suits have my almost universal contempt, and I am all on board with this lawsuit, and I live to see all the corruption washed up on the seashore like detritus— but I have always liked and respected Pearson. Not going to pretend otherwise. I wish him the best.

    • So you base your opinions of what transpired on ‘who you like?’ Are you sure your not a DCSO administrator? 😉

      I think the issue is how Pearson carried himself in the courtroom, NOT wether he was at fault for the tardy release. Clerk Howard Gentry has already admitted that the clerks office was at fault. Witnesses in the courtroom state that Pearson was called to the courtroom to simply answer questions and explain why it was taking hours upon hours to have the inmate brought to court that morning, and as the head of the division, this is not uncommon. Is cursing, arguing, pushing and shoving professional behavior?

      • Definitely not a suit. Not even an officer anymore. But I like Corley Pearson and will not pretend to do otherwise. I wasn’t there in that courtroom. All I know is that when Pearson ran HDC you knew someone gave a damn. Someone who wasn’t afraid to lay hands on orange when necessary. Someone who knew what it was like wearing tan and green.

      • From all our Information Laura, Pearson was a VERY respected officer, sergeant, lieutenant and even Chief of security… However when he moved to armed services.. ALL OF THAT CHANGED. Pearson is now thought of as a ‘company man’ who only cares about himself. It is a classic case of ‘forgetting where u come from.’ We know that tough decisions have to be made, and they are not always going to be popular. However, we have heard some horrendous stories, of lies, betrayal and deceit..

  2. Phase VIII permalink

    ‘Corley, this is the part of my job that I hate.. We have no choice but to place you on Administrative leave. Please remove your weapon in a NON THREATENING fashion and place it on my desk. Please give me your commission card and Kroger police badge.if it makes you feel any better…McDonalds is hiring…’

  3. Reel talk permalink

    Man who lazier Peirson or Mclure? That shit cray! Clark u a damn fool for all this stuff u posting. Just be quiet So can heer better. Man when they gonns see Jamie Johnson on here? He is a trip, he did Lynn wrong! Lynn is my girl she kul people. Jamie rather be with the whites. He look like Rick fox lol! He got the good hair and a fake rock tattoo.

    • Mr. 615 permalink

      Reel talk, jesus h. christ your non spelling maplewood ass just gave me cancer. Watch for future post where I fight deer and dogs in the parking lot, and make eyeballs explode.

  4. Baltimore permalink

    Clark just stay strong, keep the faith and get your job back. Don’t let these devils get you off track. I want you to run for Sheriff! You have my vote! These same evil people made a FB of me once, it was sickening, they said I was gay.

  5. Sorry sir.. We don’t take orders from
    anyone. if DARON HALL can’t stop freedom of speech.. You sure can’t.

  6. Cobra Commander permalink

    Peralta would have choked Clark out faster than a Dickerson Rd. prostitute.

  7. Dojo Fly permalink

    Clark, you’re an idiot! First, you take out false charges against Peralta and now you want to forgive him??? I was there and watched the entire incident take place. After you left we all thanked God you and your vampire bat looking teeth and snitching ass were gone! Administrator, you better remove the j clark comments or he’ll file a false police report and sue your ass! LOL

  8. Polo Park permalink

    Wasn’t clark chased out of michigan by the mafia.

  9. Greenbrier, Tn permalink

    Pearson used to be a stand up guy. He was one of us, however as soon as he got his cushy admin job down at HDC everything sermed to change. Now he’s a company man because he doesn’t want to mess up his gravy train and free money. He reminds me alot of Austin Bodie. I’ve heard stories where he pushed good guys and people he called a friend ‘under the bus’ instead of doing what’s right. At least with Weikal and Jamie, everyone knows their charactor. Pearson is worse because he’s a turncoat! I personally couldn’t sleep at night knowing the things he’s done to people.

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