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Justice for JUSTIN!

January 28, 2013


Justin Norris is the son of longtime Daron Hall and DCSO cronies Lynn and Richard Norris. Norris joined the DCSO in October 2005, and within months was promoted to Corporal and QUICKLY moved to the Community Services Division. It was mind boggling how fast Norris was moved to “trucks,” however Norris made it clear to his fellow deputies, that the path was already paved for him. Norris would often brag, how he would quickly move to Community Services because of his parent’s relationship with Daron Hall…CRONYISM 101…Soon after Norris’ big move, he was arrested by Metro Police at the Starlight Club, on Dickerson Pike, for ALLEGEDLY flashing his badge, stealing a phone and basically acting like an idiot. Luckily for Norris, the case quickly disappeared and there is no longer record of this arrest. One could only speculate how the case was handled, however it is a fact that Norris’ father is a court officer for Judge Gloria Dumas. On February 3, 2009, DCSO Cpl. Justin Norris was found guilty of STEALING from the Community Resource Center. Yes, that is right STEALING! The DCSO policy that Norris violated was the unauthorized “taking of someone’s property.” In 2010 Norris was given a written reprimand for wrecking DCSO vehicles TWICE and both were deemed to be his fault. I thought the 2009 disciplinary stated that further problems could result in termination? How can Daron Hall continue to protect and promote individuals who are friends of friends? In our opinion, Norris is a perfect example of what is wrong with the DARON HALL regime and why he needs to be replaced. How many GOOD officers (Casey White for example) have been fired, resigned, or found better jobs due to alleged harassment of administrators, while people like Justin Norris are handed promotions and continue to embarrass the Sheriff and his department repeatedly!


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  1. The Yeti permalink

    Go fuck yourself!

  2. The Yeti permalink

    I see that being choked out 3 times has clearly given Clark brain damage. He preaches to us about God and lied to Metro PD to try and put a man in jail, yet he says we’re the wicked ones and we need to get a life? Fuck you and your pompadour!!!

  3. Sir, people post with nicknames and for all we know J Clark is Jason Clark, Jeffery Clark, or Jasmine Clark. For all we know you posted the J Clark comments, don’t like what you posted and now created a new profile to claim the originals weren’t you. This is the Internet and I wouldn’t get too upset over it sir. The first amendment protects opinions, humor, satire and much more. Please feel free to rebut any posts and post your side!

  4. B, Messick permalink

    J Clark, Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and refer back to the bible and remember this: “He with out sin, cast the first stone”.

  5. The truth is coming... permalink

    Transportation is a messed up Division. The guys on third shift sleep and when they got in trouble by Muelhauser, the third shift Sgt got mad and cussed out Sgt M. Then third will keep us over so they can sleep all night. First shift works a few hours a day and have huge hours in the middle of the day to go shopping, lunch, go home, it’s sickening. They waste tens of thousands of tax payer dollars. McClure and Pearson are too lazy to do anything and they’re a waste of over 100k themselves.

    • Butter permalink

      Didnt Pearsons sister get moved from SO to HR? She married that loser Spurlock. I guess the energy between them was so high they had to hook up GROSSl. Do your rounds on time sir… The commander system is watching lol. GoBAMA

  6. Moose Jaw permalink

    Why did the deer cross the road? He didn’t, he hitched a ride in the trunk of a DCSO vehicle!

  7. Cooter permalink

    Man they fired me for having sticky fingers but not Norris? He seems like more of a clepto than Winona Rider. Norris always wears them outdated gold nugget watch and rings looks like Willie ‘Jasmin’ when she was a teen at Dalewood middle in 94. I’ve heard wild stories about Norris from his HS hunters lane buddy William Cothran.

  8. truth permalink

    He just got caught stealing again 10 months ago. Captain L has a report of it and slapped him on the hand again. Sorry low down dirt bag.

  9. Alvarez permalink

    Stealing is the most dishonest, low down, dirtiest thing a human can do! If 90% of the officers stole while on duty they would be FIRED! Didn’t Norris get fired from juvenile? I also heard he doesn’t have a CDL when it’s required?

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