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Bryan McGee using DCSO vehicle to work private security job?

January 17, 2013



*UPDATED* Bryan McGee allegedly claims that he was ‘working out’ at CrossFit615 at 718 Gallatin Pike and NOT working at Kroger. REGARDLESS… McGee appears to have not been working serving warrants and should have been in his personal vehicle. The question.. WILL HE BE PUNISHED?

On 1-14-13 around 1600 hours DCSO warrant vehicle #421 was parked for at least several hours in close proximity to the Inglewood Kroger on Gallatin Pike. Sources advise that the vehicle is possibly driven by warrant officer Bryan McGee and other sources within Kroger claim that McGee was allegedly working an off duty extra job for a private security company at the Kroger store. Are DCSO employees allowed to drive taxpayer purchased vehicles, on taxpayer paid fuel to work an extra job for a private security company?


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  1. across the board permalink

    The good ol boy system runs so high in this agency Just look at our admin department. We have so many unneeded chiefs, secretaries and administrator’s. There is no consistency or fairness anywhere.

  2. New York permalink

    She was terminated for the right reasons the jacket was the last thing in a line of many fuck ups by Cross. There have been far better Officers that have been fucked over for little bullshit, she was not one of them. Sorry but whats right is right

    • We always respect opinions! Cross may have been this or that.. Good officer or bad officer.. But the facts are that she was terminated and WON her case with the civil service board. Her situation was just a quick example of an officer punished for wearing a DCSO jacket off duty .. Meanwhile a warrants officer uses his vehicle off duty without punishment.

    • What are some of the ‘good’ officers that have been fucked over? Curious of your opinion.. You are a very respected man Mr. New York.

    • What's right is right! permalink

      Is this Terrance Linehan!?

  3. What's right is right! permalink

    A court officer got suspended for wearing a freaking DCSO jacket to work security. Clarissa Cross was terminated for wearing a DCSO jacket to court.

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