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YOUTUBE video which tells it all!

December 10, 2012

This is verrrryy disturbing and all Nasvillians should see it. The part dealing with Sheriff employees It runs from the 3:40 mark to about 16 minute mark and deals with the lawsuit they settled with Jeanette Porter. In the video a councilwoman asks the Sheriff why the council is settling if no retaliation happened and he can’t answer. Another asks him if she was a good employee and he again can’t answer and the chairman answers that she was a good employee and it is so very funny.


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  1. Terrance Pillow permalink

    Hello guys. I have tha latest on fresh DVDS for sale please call me at 862-8600.

  2. I know what u did last summer permalink

    Why did John Taylor get moved out of Admin to warrants? Rumor is that he had an affair? Does all the DCSO administrators cheat on their wives? What role models :-/

  3. Parker permalink

    Rick Gentry is Daron’s best friend from high-school……suprise

  4. 发送日期 permalink

    SAD.. The Sheriff wants volunteers for ‘community outreach’ so he can get future votes. Even worse.. Volunteer work is a factor in promotions. They don’t give credit for a college education, but they give credit for VOLUNTEERING? How do you think Yarlett Has jumped from ICE, to maintenance, to warrants. How about the Hall-o-ween event and ‘it was in your best interest to volunteer!’ People have second jobs, kids, families and it’s embarrassing that one is promoted due to volunteer work. We need an agency where the ones who PRODUCE are promoted. IMHO Rick Gentry is nothing more than an extension of Daron’s campaign staff.. Only he’s PAID BY THE TAX PAYERS!

  5. really permalink

    I love how they hide the real reason she was fired. She addressed that payroll issue a year ago. They should’ve just said she told the truth to the attorney so we fired her. We all know the truth. Thank you Jeanette!

  6. Only butt boy Gilmer would act like a woman. It’s in her nature.

  7. El Chapo Guzman permalink

    Id bet this one of the 3 amigos of Xbox.. Dan ‘better than a cop’, Paul ‘horseplay with inmates’, or ‘union butt boy’ Gilmer ..

  8. Sherry Lewis permalink

    DCSO did the right thing to settle with the former employee. She screwed up and the department left liable, so they had to pay for her mess. As much money she made, she was not responsible. They should have fired her along time ago too!

  9. Ghost of Fate permalink

    WOW is all I can say. Daron Hall looks like a blubbering idiot! Daron is like duuuhhh duuuhhhh… Uhh duhh.. Look at John Taylor in the background, like he got drug there as punishment lol. Do you think John is sitting there daydreaming of cheating again? What a waste of a paycheck. John Taylor contributes absolutely nothing to the DCSO, just like 90% of the administrators.

    The sad thing is these evil people FIRED a woman for telling the truth! Doing what was right! The people in OP deserved overtime pay. They FIRED her for standing up for the employees. They are sitting there like idiots with nothing to say but they sent that poor woman home with no income for her kids because she told the truth.

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