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Sheriff Daron Hall’s special civil service test for family members? (part 3

December 7, 2012


Ominous definition: Giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen, sinister – portentous – inauspicious – threatening


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  1. ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ‘Ž permalink

    Would the ‘ROBERT ARNOLD’ of Davidson County please stand up!

  2. ๅ‘้€ๆ—ฅๆœŸ permalink

    Parker, you lost me at Harold Taylor should be SHERIFF? He may have been great to you brother.. But I can assure you he’s stabbed his share in the back, just like Bodie. Trust me if someone higher or a friend told him to burn you… You’d be TOAST. Wether you did anything or not. But again he may have always treated you good and we all have out opinions.

  3. @ Wesley Pipes, your story is 50/50. You have to understand that some of what you posted is Admin’s propaganda. That’s how they have managed to stay around this long. No offense but when people realize the difference between facts and story; this situation will be over. The situation with Farley is not true it was his officer’s. He is #1 on their list to fire. they tried to get rid of him when they set Tevis up. He survived telling the truth and they continue to harass and tell lie’s about him. What you posted about Chesser is accurate plus a couple of missing items. What you posted about Pillow and Wilkes is accurate, minus ALOT. It’s funny like most people you can only make fun of Chief Taylor. Let me stop that right here. That is the only man in this administration that is straight up. He should be the next Sheriff. I worked with him for 3 to 4 years. He doesn’t have the best personality but he will never screw anybody over. In fact if you have ANY problem personal or work related that’s who I would send you to. I have absolute respect for him because when Admin was doing their dirty deeds he would only deal with the Truth ! Hang in there Brother just make sure you post what you witness because if you HEAR it: more than likely you are hearing Admin’s version. Sorry Chief Taylor probably got you in trouble with Daron but I had to tell the truth.

  4. Wesley Pipes permalink

    Lord tell me how did sgt Farley keep his Job after hiding HEROIN that he found on a pretty girl and not charging her? He supposedly also gOt caught putting inmates juice and drinks in the officer fridge. How does Chesser keep her job after losing her gun and not reporting it? Then it supposed to have popped up at a pawn shop? Not to mention she just got arrested for assault on an officer biting a metro cops Hand. How does pillow get to run around selling pirated illegal DVD’s!? I guess nobody cares because allegedly tony wilks used to sell DVD’s when he worked at the Harding place complex. Harold Taylor walking around out here looking like Cedric the entertainer sending out illiterate emails. This job is a joke! We haven’t had a raise but they create positions for IA, legal, Turks, Tony Wilks. I’m Glad Murphy stepped up for all of us and layed the foundation.

  5. William Cothran permalink

    Dan is driving a tuna can sized grey Kia around the three crow bar with the windows down screaming BLACK N YELLOW BLACK N YELLOW.

  6. @TheRealBigNate permalink

    @parker ‘A Lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of SHEEP!’

    • CLEVELAND ROCKS!!! permalink

      Rumor has it that Dan is a fake Steeler fan. They say he is from 100 miles away in Buttlick, PA. He was born and raised a Browns fan but changed to a Steelers fan after learning there were so many in the DCSO. I also heard Dan and TOM TOM always argue over who was better at master control.

  7. @ Big Nate thought I heard Weikal say “TRUE THAT”

    • Mike Murphy permalink

      take your meds parker.

      • Parker permalink

        Dan is not a cop he’s way better.. LMFAOOOOOOOOO

  8. @TheRealBigNate permalink

    I love the site! I agree that Daron needs to go. Sad, I worked there for 6 years and was promoted several times, SORT member, volunteered at events and only met the man TWICE. I will continue to support the site, the movement anyway that I can! Like I always say.. PREPARE FOR WAR IN TIMES OF PEACE! John, keep my locker intact I’ll be back soon and I’ll be taking the LUMP SUM PAYMENT.. Not the installments ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. IT Department permalink

    Hello, the IP address is listed to a Comcast customer in North Rutherford County TN.

  10. Mike Murphy permalink

    it doesn’t show the sender of the correspondence. Was that deliberately cut off?

    • Reality Check permalink

      dah, Murphy the people doing all this are either stupid like you or little scared children

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