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Sheriff Daron Hall’s special civil service test for family members? (part2)

December 7, 2012


With 450 eligible applicants.. it appears the SHERIFF DARON HALL has a “special” civil service test for a hand picked group of individuals.. Does any of the names look familiar? What about the 450 who applied and are eligible? What makes these few so special that the DCSO can spend time and money on a small test? Do you as a DCSO employee/citizen feel its fair to 450 applicants to be denied the opportunity to test.. so a few family members can have a special test?


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  1. Paul Reuben's permalink

    Wow that is a group of real winners there! I thought the sheriff didn’t believe in nepotism or the good Ol boy system? Isn’t Laster the one who’s dad was in IA and killed himself? Obviously Blum is related to the one and only Jeff Blum. Stagg WAS a SORT member but allegedly turned into Ike Turner. Valerie was a training academy dropout a few times. I guess Daron doesn’t folLow civil service rules?

  2. I heard 2 of these clowns failed the test and were immediately given SO jobs.. Along with Harold Taylor and Dailey’s relative.

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