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Did Dan ‘the ticket fixer’ Weikal get disciplined for verbally sparring with a subordinate!?

December 6, 2012

Multiple sources from within the DCSO claim that a Corporal complained about doing odd jobs around CJC instead of working his assigned post. Dan Weikal caught wind of the complaints and instead of approaching the officer in a professional manor.. Dan verbally attacked the officer. Telling him ‘you don’t have a hair on your ass if you don’t say it to my face!’ sources say that Dan even challenged the officer to ‘talk outside.’ Allegedly Tony Wilkes investigated the incident and Dan received some sort of punishment. How many strikes is this trainwreck going to get? Administrators like Dan ‘the ticket fixer’ are the reason morale is low and turnover is high! Who wants to work in an environment where a coward uses his position to get out of tickets, try to pick up girls, and belittle subordinates? There is supposedly a lot of moves amongst administrators coming down the pipe. I thought the Sheriff’s office ‘doesn’t move problems?’


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  1. The voice of Goosetree as I hold him like on Weekend at Bernies permalink

    Has anyone seen Dan Weikal lately!? He is gaining weight like crazy! I thought he had lap band surgery like Chris Brown and Corky Flat Top Peerson? Maybe he is having fun with food after Carla DUMPED him, and he got busted on FB. At least he can spend Xmas eve playing video games with other losers like Paul bobble head Roberts and Shrek union butt boy Gilmert. What a group of LOSERS. I’m sure the officers respect Weikal and don’t laugh at him.. Knowing he fixed tickets, can’t keep a marriage and thought he had a chance with a hot chic on FB? MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. Tom permalink

    This is the 2 time in two months that he has tried to fight another employee. He stormed in another guys office and tried to get him to step outside too.

    • I find this comical only because allegedly when Lou Crocker called Dan outside.. Dan choked his chicken! Dan picks and choses who to ‘call outside’ true coward

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