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Did Dan “The ticket fixer” Weikal learn his lesson?

December 5, 2012


We received these conversations of what appears to be between Dan and an unknown APPEARS Dan is admitting to driving to a bar after having a few beers, and answers “TRUE THAT” to her stating that he could get them out of a possible DUI. The same DANIEL WEIKAL who had not one..but two tickets fixed?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall has ordered an internal affairs investigation, following questions raised by NewsChannel 5’s ticket-fixing investigation.

That investigation exposed how speeding tickets are being fixed around the Metro courthouse — including tickets for some of Hall’s employees.

Hall says it’s one thing if it was one friend helping another friend.

But even more critical, the sheriff says he wants to know if someone in his department was involved in some sort of ticket-fixing scheme.

One employee, Dan Weikal, has acknowledged getting at least two tickets fixed — thanks to a person he would only identify as a Metro government employee.

But our investigation also discovered six other sheriff’s employees — in various positions throughout the sheriff’s department — who got tickets fixed.

None of them would identify their ticket fixer.

But one employee, Kristie Bratcher, told NewsChannel 5 Investigates that it was someone in the sheriff’s department who arranged for her ticket to be fixed.

“If you are using the fact that you are in the government to get that advantage, I think that’s my concern, did you take your role here to gain something that the regular citizen would not have had,” Hall said.

Our investigation revealed how all those tickets were dismissed by defense attorneys, while they were filling in for the city’s elected judges.


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  1. really permalink

    This administration has cost the tax payers over a million dollars this year in mistakes. Thanks for such a good job chief!

  2. Curtis J permalink

    Dan went to Penn State from 86-89… I wonder if he ever met Jerry Sandusky?

  3. Reality Check permalink

    Somethings even reality check can’t comment on; wrong is wrong. But hey Porter you sure talked Dan up when his winkie was not in your mouth!

  4. Randy Porter permalink

    Dan is a idiot I use to drive him around to prevent him from getting a DUI biggest mistake I ever made should have let him and his then mistress and now ex-wife drive themselves around.

    • He has no game…playing video games with Paul Roberts all night LMAO! Dan could reach in a barrel of pussie% and pull out a dic5!! Didnt Dan bounce a check to Frankie Richardson? His child support must be more than my mortgage #LOSING.

  5. Randy Porter permalink

    Tom Schwartz was the one behind getting all of the tickets fixed.

    • I thought DCSO policy stated that you had to co operate with an investigation? Would failing to name your “ticket fixer” not be considered failure to co operate? Where was AK Carroll and his 666 (scary number) Williamson County Sheriff votes when the policy was violated!?

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