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DCSO settles with Jeanette Porter who was WRONGFULLY TERMINATED!

December 4, 2012



Metro government has reached a settlement with a former Davidson County Sheriff’s Office official who was fired after raising questions about why some employees weren’t properly paid for working overtime.

The $37,500 settlement with Jeanette Porter, a former assistant director of the office’s human resources division, will go before the Metro Council for approval Tuesday.

If approved, the settlement would end the dispute with Porter before reaching court. Porter has not filed a lawsuit, and the settlement was reached through mediation.

“We’re always pleased when we can resolve matters like this absent of litigation,” said Allison Bussell, a Metro Law Department attorney.

Porter’s attorney, Michael Russell, declined to comment since the Metro Council had not yet approved the settlement.

Karla West, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said the office worked with Metro attorneys to reach a settlement that was in the “best interests of Metro government.”

But the settlement raises questions about how the city handles overtime and could play a role in a lawsuit over Sheriff’s Office overtime that is pending in federal court.

According to the settlement before the Metro Council, Porter in December 2010 reported to her direct supervisor and others that some Sheriff’s Office employees had not been paid for overtime.

No action was taken by any Sheriff’s Office employee, including Porter, to pay the overtime, though the payment problem was later addressed.

In July 2012, Porter tried to report the information to attorneys from the Barrett Johnston law firm, which represented employees in a class-action wage lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office then “began investigating her conduct,” according to the settlement resolution pending before the Metro Council. Porter was later fired.

Scott Tift, a Barrett Johnston attorney working on the lawsuit, said Porter’s settlement raises questions about employment practices in the Sheriff’s Office.

“The fact that a human resources manager would be fired in retaliation for reporting a failure to pay overtime is disturbing, especially in light of the pending federal court class action in which hundreds of Sheriff’s Office correctional officers claim they were required to work off-the-clock without overtime pay and at hourly rates lower than those mandated by the Metro Pay Plan,” Tift said in an email.

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  1. She should have held out for more. Her name got dragged through the mud via innuendo and rumor from the time she took administrative leave to after she got fired. The GOOD news is that she doesn’t have to live in corruption and deceit and nepotism anymore. She is free. I wish her all the best and hope that the next chapter of her life is amazing.

    • YES we agree! Jeanette could have been handed a blank check from Daron.. LIES, coverups and Jeanette was the ‘fall Guy’ to protect Daron’s cronies! From what we hear, Jeanette has moved on to bigger and better things and we wish her the best always!

  2. Reality Check permalink

    jeannette has been missed and again IF half of the rumors are close to true wrong is wrong.

  3. Randy Porter permalink

    I just got one question the payroll person who caused this situation and who was paying the people illegally who also lied during the investigation and got for caught lying why did nothing happen to her. She never even got a letter or anything talk about double standards, my wife speaks of the sheriffs office doing something wrong let alone illegal she gets wrongfully terminated from her job which she was loyal to for almost ten years all because the people in admin and investigations was trying to protect the one person who would throw them under bus at the first sign of trouble, that person is none other than Darron Hall. She was the only one who tried to fix the problem while others refused to do anything at all to try and right the wrong that DCSO administration was trying to cover up. So again why was she the only disciplined for doing the right thing and everyone who done wrong got nothing is it just me or is that backwards. There is a lot more stuff that the sheriffs office has done not only illegal or morally wrong, it will all be brought to light sooner or later.

  4. GOOD for Jeanette! She was so loyal to the agency and did Vickies job for years. She tells the TRUTH and she is immediately TERMINATED without a hearing. It makes you wonder how many other good people have been wrongfully terminated or forced to resign because they told the truth, or we’re threats to administrators. The fact is that the only people who get screwed are the ones who lay there and take it. Keep a secret log, record meetings with supervisors, take pictures and print off emails. All the frontline deputies and like a barrell of fish and you never know when they will reach in and grab you. That’s when ALL the evidence you saved will come into play 🙂

  5. Randy Porter permalink

    Way to go Casey. AK is a low life back stabbing two face cock sucking bitch. I hot so sick of hearing the managers say we represent the sheriff, I call bs on that, he represents us he is a elected official and represents the people of Davidson county. He is so disconnected from what goes on in his own agency that he doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on, he put people in made up positions thinking that they was good enough or at least smart enough to make the right decisions (which all the decisions they have made was wrong) in the best interest of the agency and metro which as come back and kicked him in the ass and he responsible for those decisions that those people has made and continue to make. He is more worried about his image and his political career that he don’t even know what his people are doing. He’ll they don’t even come into on Fridays anymore they are all out playing golf on metro time. I agree with you Casey about Mr. Ford I to have lost all respect for him he just sets back and let those around him do what ever they please and does nothing it’s like he to is scared to do his job, but all he is doing is hanging on the shirt tail of the sheriff who is sink like the Titanic. I say screw everyone one of them.

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