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Daron Hall .. coming to a ROLL CALL near you!

December 4, 2012

Daron Hall is feeling the pressure! He knows the cat is out of the bag and his deputies are tired of the treatment. Daron recently sent out a message via the “Hall Monitor” that he is going to be visiting front line officers and asking them for feedback, concerns, or issues they have. We would like for every officer to ask this specific questions of Daron..

Has ANY DCSO employee received a raise during the time that the front line, deputies haven’t had a raise? Did Eric Bauder, Hudson’s secretary or any other secretary, Vickie Black or any other in management receive a raise during the time officer’s were unable to receive one?

Daron also sent out a message via the “Hall Monitor” concerning all the bad press that the agency is receiving. The email is a poor attempt to save face and further proves that Daron is not only “thin skinned” but know there are A LOT of skeletons about to come out of the closet! The message is below:

DCSO Employees –

Over the past several weeks,I am sure you have either heard about or read information sent out by former DCSO employees who have left the agency after being terminated,investigated,or who publicly resigned. These disgruntled individuals have decided to air their concerns to many current employees via email as well as share their DCSO “bad” experiences,half truths,and general displeasure with the Nashville Scene. It is completely within their right to talk to whomever they choose; however,my concern is for those of you who are still here at the agency,working hard every day,living our mission statement,and being the best public servant you can be. The Scene reporter,based on information received,has made a long list of public records requests; documents totaling in the thousands of pages. We are cooperating in accordance with Tennessee’s Public Records Act. Additionally,I want to remind you that Tennessee law requires us to turn this information over as it is requested –including human resources files. We are,however, removing information that is not allowed to be released prior to turning the records over to the Scene. Per policy,we will always notify you if your HR file has been included as part of an open records request. I wish I could tell you what the resulting story will look like,who will be included in it,and for what reason – but I can’t because I just don’t know. What I can tell you is every person who is now airing their grievances in a public forum has been previously disciplined in one way or another while they were employed with the DCSO. It will not surprise me if this current trend continues,so please be prepared. More importantly,what I can tell you is I am extremely proud of the job you do for the taxpayers of this county. No matter what is written or what vicious statements are made,we are to maintain our professionalism, work ethic,and continue to be a model law enforcement agency. We are to continue coming to work every day with our heads held high knowing we will do the job that few are willing to do and do it with a commitment to excellence like none before us. If you would like to discuss this further, either individually or as a group,please call 862-8166 to set up a meeting with me.

Thanks for what you do,

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  1. Kingleo permalink

    First of all let me correct u . Not all the people posting here have left the sheriff’s office on bad terms ! U can believe that ! Its to late to act like u care now . To much damage has been done. To many people been done wrong . To many people been thrown under the bus by your administration. I have personally seen officers done wrong in my 13 years with the sheriff’s office. Un professional behavior is common with ur staff. To many people are tired of being exposed to this treatment. Look at all the officers lawsuits. U don’t give a damn and neither does John Ford. Its too late !!! Your time will end one day !! Its just a matter of time when some attorneys take up the cause . Civil rights …intimidation… scare tactics and un fair promotion practices. More lawsuits are coming !!

  2. Cothron permalink

    I love Parrish Denton’s WIFE!!!!

  3. Micheal Goosetree permalink

    I wish we could address cassie thomas going to mobile booking when there was no bid put out. Or chesser pawning her issued glock and going awol. She still works booking, love the good ol boy system

  4. Reality Check permalink

    Boy o boy Porter how things changed you used to just love sucking up to all these people you are running in the dirt now. selfish you should know all you ever did was promote your lame self.

    • 1st amendment Soldier permalink

      Reality Check you are a proud company man. I wonder how you will feel after they turn their back on you and stab you in the back. Or are you one of the ones who stabs people in the back? I know misery loves company. Did you possibly stab one of your partners in the back? Running around getting statements on him like what was done to Hardrick and K Will?

  5. Randy Porter permalink

    Yeah thanks Daron for all that you do for the people who make you look so good for doing triple the work and less pay while the ones that set behind a desk and take two hour lunch brakes or set around shopping on line and has nothing to do with the every day operations of your agency get all the credit and all the money and you still give metro back a million dollars a year that is left over out of the budget instead of give back to those who do all the work with substandard equipment, yeah thanks got all that you do, you are so fake you could care less about the people who work there as long as they make you look good. You think going to all the toll calls is going to help you are a day late and a dollar short you should have been doing that 8 years ago you selfish bastard, no go suck on that.

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