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Sleeping Deputy?

December 1, 2012

Sleeping Deputy?

Where is the supervisor, and why has he not been punished!?


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  1. 💩👎 permalink

    Is this the same T ‘New York’ Linehan who was demoted for sleeping his way through a code red as a Lieutenant!? The same who fails on a regular basis at the fun range, but keeps his commission, while others fail and are moved!? The same who won’t get a CDL even though all other ASD Corporals are required to have one? Why the special treatment Mac and Pearson? Are you guys too busy deciding where to eat lunch and making ass prints on your seats to do your job? Your Sgt’s are so lazy they send ONE person to do 3 peoples job..You guys are a waste of 100k of the tax payers dollars!

  2. Reality Check permalink

    This must have been when Tevis was over all the courts, he has resigned since his demotion. I am sure Porter and him are best friends now because when they were at DCSO they hated each other but now they have a common loving bond,

    • Hey P! 1968 called and they want their FLAT TOP BACK!!!! This pic was supposedly taken in September 2012 by a third shift transportation guy. Sad thing is the lazy Sgt has been texted all of these pics and thought it was ‘LOL’

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