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Resignation letter of Tanya Mayhew!

December 1, 2012



I am resigning my position as correctional officer with the DCSO. The first 12 years of my employment at the sheriff’s office were golden. I was appreciative and appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed coming to work and making a difference in the lives of offenders and in the careers of officers.
The agency evidently recognized my abilities and promoted me multiple times while entrusting me to safeguard an entire facility as a shift commander on second shift as a lieutenant. I was popular with my staff and respected by my peers. Suddenly, I was terminated two and a half years ago after the agency felt I violated policy (in fact, I appealed my termination and was reinstated by the civil service commission). Employees appealing, then winning their job back has become a common theme in recent years.
Since the departure of Jim Kramer, promotion of Vickie Black and appointment of Tony Wilkes to a high paying, created position during a weak economy while we struggled to get a raise and endured a hiring freeze, employees have been treated unfairly at an alarming rate. The civil service board evidently recognizes this fact and has reversed several disciplinary decisions made by incompetent and petty managers..
I enjoyed most of my service at the agency and it was once truly a family. It is now an agency full of vengeful managers eager to please you and chief deputy dictator at the expense of hard working employees. I was amazed that the Sheriff spent taxpayer dollars to study employee retention. Employee retention is tied in with morale. And morale is low and many people are disgusted. Look around you Sheriff.
Look at those who you protect when they embarrass the rest of us. When you protect those who violate the law and public trust by having tickets fixed,which is an illegal act and protect the person who did it by refusing to answer a question posed by a reporter, you lose morale. Had the media not uncovered it, you had no intention of investigating or taking action against those who had tickets fixed. And when you did take action you did so reluctantly and gave them a letter of counseling with nice personal notes written.
It is said that the chief deputy said something to an employee in a gathering full of people out loud, and sexual. If he did it, you lose respect. When you protect a well connected guy in trucks who has had run ins/arrests with the law, flashed his badge in unsuccessful efforts to pick up women, stole from a non profit agency while wearing our uniform, given inmates contraband to smuggle in a secure facility, yet much of it was covered up, made to “go away” and still has a job and is on a job others would love to have, there is where you lose support. There is probably no bigger embarrassment to your agency than him. And yet you and especially the overall supervisor of tucks are said by many protecting him and you protect that supervisor while he uses inmate labor to do personal work for himself. Is it because he donated so much to your campaign? To those who choose to stay, ask questions and when they get mad, ask some more. Tell channel 4 about anything you see corrupt. Complain to civil service when you see civil service rules being broken.Don’t call channel 5, they won’t criticise the Sheriff ever since he agreed to a monhtly interview with them.

Ask why people are saying the sheriff ignored civil service rules and decided, before any of the 300 was interviewed, to promote a guy to laundry while pretending that the other 300 had a chance and he still had everyone interviewed but knew who he wanted. Ask why he is said to have directed personnel to ignore the 800 applicants for a correctional officer job in 2010 and handpicked approximately 10 relatives of friends, wasting the time and hopes of several hundred who might have been fine employees.

Ask why one guy was promoted when he wasn’t supposed to be eligible after horseplaying and spraying an inmate. As if painting for free on your days off for an administrator is grounds for promotion. Same guy routinely threatens officers with workplace violence but I guess that is accepted since his administrator friend may have angrily confronted an ICE supervisor recently, at work, over the administrators estranged wife. Ask why one sergeant who administrators and chiefs like personally was not demoted for punching an inmate restrained to a restraint bar but others are punished severely for much, much less. Ask why so many of those in management apparently have backgrounds that would have lower ranking employees fired if they had the same background. Nobody knows when to do their job for fear of getting in trouble. Safety is now an issue because moody managers investigate and discipline those who aren’t well liked for uses of force that anyone with sense would call justified. One chief has, according to many, opened holding cell doors and slapped inmates but never been investigated or even completed a report. A lieutenant, now a cpl who I worked with recently at CDF who was demoted raised the issue a few months ago about a March of 2011 use of force that this chief failed to report but nothing was done.

I am saying things that most of those still there are afraid to say and am doing it for their future. This is closure for me. There is inconsistency of disciplinary practices. As lieutenants, we were told that we should know better and thus be held to a higher standard. What does that say about those who are even higher? Why are they given no discipline when they make the news or violate policy or laws and embarass us? There is your problem with morale Sheriff. How some of your managers could continue to sit on disciplinary boards with a straight face is a question you may want to ask yourself. Do you have the courage to address it and put business ahead of friendship? Probably not.

This resignation is effective immediately.


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  1. To Lieutenant “Reality Check” it’s shocking to me that with a history like yours, that you would comment about anyone. What these other people don’t know is your almost out the door and all your propaganda is a lame effort to suck up. You obviously don’t know what your talking about. I worked for Lt. Mayhew and she is the ultimate professional. I have never heard her crew give anything but praise and respect for her because she led by example on duty. Anyone that worked for her would jump off a roof for her because when she said we are jumping she would have went first. The only people I have heard talk bad about her are people who never worked for her. They just listened to the gossip (lies) that people like you and this administration make up about the people they fear. We don’t work together anymore but she will ALWAYS be my Lt. I wonder if anyone feels that way about you? Oh since you were to much of a coward to put your name behind your mouth I suppose your crew would be to cowardly to have your back. Guess we will never know. When I get back I hope to God I work with you ! Real school will be in session

    • tanya permalink

      Hahahahaha. Get him Parker!!!!!!!!! Lol. Is the post made by Reality Check Goodrich?

      • tanya permalink

        Too funny Murphy. I miss you. How have you been doing my friend?

      • Mike Murphy permalink

        who is going to admit to saying anything bad about you, mayhew? No one will if they want to keep their grill/teeth.

  2. Reality Check permalink

    oh please other than your unhappy ban of former workers who ever thought anything of you. When you were promoted everyone know it was to fill illusion of diversity. at the expense of everyone that had to work around you.

    • Internet Police permalink

      Sir, did you mean to say ‘BAND’ of former workers? Your statements concerning Mayhew are racist and will be addressed.

    • tanya permalink

      Too funny. Everyone like you are attempting to hold on to the Sheriffs Office corrupt ways in hope that you remain in a position that you have never been good at. Your job is holding on by a couple of threads. Poor baby its ashame that upper supervison doesn’t respect cowards, so that means you will be a Lieutenant for the rest of your life, now thats a scary thought. Lol. Racist coward Lol. You all weak people are all over the Sheriffs Office.
      You are like one of the holding cell heros. Hahaha. Only tough typing on a funny blog.

    • tanya permalink

      This comment is for the post by Reality Check. Maybe you will feel comfortable in the skin you are in and let people know that yes you are bisexual and proud. We are not here to judge you. The benefits from this is you will not be so mad all the time. When you conduct searches on the men you wont feel guilty. In some states man on man marriages are supported so you can live in an a relationship where you are happy. Instead of
      marrying women really wanting to be with there brothers. I’ll see you at roll call. Wink wink.

      brother. I’ll see you at role call

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