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Resignation letter of Casey White!

December 1, 2012


(Pictured: The obese gentleman on the left is Michael Raines)

First of all, I didn’t want to send this agency wide and be a jerk about things. I just wanted to express my feelings towards this agency and the way things are handled.
Mike, you lied to my face and to this agencies face. You knew for a fact that Norris was using tools that the sheriff’s office owned to have work done on your house. How did Norris get in the shop? He doesn’t have a key to something he isn’t supposed to have does he? Apparently, you admitted to using one tool. Mike, you sir are a liar. You have no moral direction and put your friendships before your job duties. I know you look on YouTube all day long and you send Lassiter all of the work. The sheriff’s office should pull how much time you spend online. You also let Norris hang out at the shop whenever and do not even make him go to the afternoon roll call. There is a line between friendship and being a supervisor that you clearly do not understand. You, Dailey, and Norris are possibly some of the worst representatives for this agency. Mike, you do not deserve the position you have. I did not tell Mayhew about anything that happens out there. You covered for Norris when he was on duty and stole while in uniform, which should have been automatic termination, yet it was only a five day suspension. You also covered for him when he bought cigarettes, allowed multiple visits from inmates families to the job site and let them bring food for him and the inmates. He received a letter of concern, that was your call not Lassiter. You allow Dailey to go to breakfast at waffle house and get his hair cut when he should be on the job. He is wasting tax payers money. If it weren’t for Arnold White, Dailey would be screwed. He can’t run maintenance by himself. Dailey also spends all his time on eBay looking at car parts. This is pathetic that you cannot run your division and have no backbone to stand up and tell someone to do something. Mike, you have no business trying to run that division. People that come in, work hard and try to make everything right get overlooked. Lassiter is the only reason that division is what it is today and I think you know that. You should thank that man every day for what he does and for how many times he has saved your butt.
Chief Ford, first and foremost thank you for you military service. That being said, I would think you know what’s right and what’s wrong and would stand up for it. I lost respect for you because of the way you handled everything. Jim Kramer talked highly of you and said he thought you would make things right. Well, you didn’t do the right thing. You turned a blind eye because you didn’t want to stir the pot. This agency needs a leader. You have the chance to be that person. I think you need to step up and take control and stop all this nepotism that happens here and make it a bit more realistic of a place to work. The officers aren’t asking for a lot. Little things, like changing the uniforms to be a bit more comfortable or something small like that. Treating your employees better would have outstanding results and improve overall morale. It really isn’t that hard to figure out.
Investigator Carroll, You are one amazing investigator. Not only did you show favoritism during the tape recorded investigation, you also lied. You said that the sheriff’s office didn’t make use of lie detectors anymore. Apparently they should and they should start with you. I just received an e-mail with a policy that has to do with investigations. Policy 1-1.361(page3-4) has a section all about polygraphs. You also made the statement, “Well, Mike only called you to ask for his equipment back”. That was my answer that I needed right there as to how the investigation was going to go. The policy also talks about how it supposed to be an unbiased investigation. Sounds to me like you broke policy sir. I don’t know if you are scared to look too far because you might find the truth or if you are just that bad at your job. I can only hope and pray that someday you will do the right things. I know you uncovered that Mike covered for Norris and you also did nothing about it.

I have been told on more than one occasion, if you aren’t happy here Mc Donalds is hiring. Well, I would rather work there than somewhere incompetence is not only rampant, but apparently helps you get promoted. The administration has a few good people in it, but overall, morons run this place. Some of the decisions that are made obviously haven’t been thought through very well. It honestly drives people crazy that want to do a good job and then they get crapped on because someone’s family member works here.


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  1. The Walking Goosetrees permalink

    Would the real Goosetree please stand up?

  2. Sherry Lewis permalink

    Man, you guys are sick. How can you talk about a employer this bad. Have you ever taken the time to say “was I part of the problem”. I work in a different Metro agency, and If I was fired today, I would never dog the employer like this. You guys need to move on with your life, and leave those folks alone. You guys are evil! Nothing good comes from this. If DCSO is wrong, it will come out. Why use these blogs to spill dirt and hide behind a computer. If what I’m hearing about former disgruntled employees, some of you should have been fired years ago. I’m not sure why the Sheriff kept some of you around as long as he did. If what I hear about the former HR Asst, and her husband, he milked the county for years claiming that he was hurt and couldn’t work. He worked a light duty post for years! That’s a rumor I hear, and since I don’t work there, can somebody post that information?

  3. Schwarzenegger and Smallpaws permalink

    How does Justin Norris have a job?

    • Casey White permalink

      Hey!! I know you. That is such a good question. We all know the answer, unfortunately. When your mom is a whore and dad is stroking off judges, it’s hard to get in trouble I suppose. When all that stuff with me went down, I never said anything. Then no one stood up for me, even though I’ve never done anything but speak the truth. That’s when I started telling everything. I’m not sure anyone really knows Mike called and threatened me while he and I were both at work. Nothing was done and no one really gave a crap! Oh well, I made almost 3k last week at my new job, life is good!!!!!

  4. Cooter Wilson permalink

    I just wish I still had some pie flaps to get some. Dang I miss Dcso

    • @TheRealBigNate permalink

      RUN 4 Sheriff!!! You have my vote!

  5. Micheal Goosetree permalink

    Damn who is reality check lol

  6. Reality Check permalink

    hey Porter you were ok with this stuff when the wife got hired! How’s that lame disability pension going?Man just think if DCSO had enforced their policies to letter none of you rejects would have received so many chances. I wish they would too then all of you would have been gone sooner, the smell around DCSO has gotten better not so much BS.

    • Casey White permalink

      Fuck you! Go rub chief Fords back and tell him how great of a job he is doing. Admin is a joke! My letter was 100% the truth and was proven by A.K. My whole life is better since I left that place. I can’t imagine ever stepping foot in there again, unless it was to testify against the wrong doing I had seen.

  7. John permalink

    Richard Ramsey is a snitch for DCSO. He has 3 domestic violence charges 2 he caught while working at DCSO. Why did they let him stay there and not lose his job, its obvious he have a anger problem. !!!

  8. Poster Child for lap band surgery! Dailey is a clown.. Lol CAPTAIN over maintenance.

  9. Randy Porter permalink

    What about the closed civil service test where 800 people applied to be a correctional officer and only 10 people was tested that was hand pick by the sheriff himself, and what about the managers getting raises in January of 2011 when metro said no one was getting raises but managers like Vickie Black who the director of HR at the time and we all know well she done her job lol and Pete Lutz who is the manager over finance and the only the thing he does is kiss John Hudson ass who doesn’t have a clue about anything in the sheriffs office he has never worked at or in any kind of law enforcement he was Daron Halls campaign financial advisor while Daron was running for office. Up until recently there was a person who worked in admin that was arrested and convicted of federal identity theft and was sentenced to 10 years probation but he worked for a ” law enforcement agency”. I don’t even know why the sheriff calls the sheriffs office a law enforcement agency they can’t even enforce their own policies right, what a joke.

  10. WOW really? Rumor is a few administrators have DUI’s and domestic assaults..

  11. Micheal Goosetree permalink

    Today, one Cpl. Richard Ramsey was charged with domestic violence. After slapping his girlfriend around she stabbed him a few times. Hes currently a hospital post for the same place he works for the DCSO

    • You're Not Micheal Goosetree permalink

      Wow sounds like you have the whole story there bud. Maybe it was that she stabbed him and claimed he beat her up to cover. Could be that she stabbed him over 10 times and left him laying in a field to die. You might consider getting the story from the horse’s mouth instead of being a horse’s ass. Everybody that works there isn’t a bad guy. You just made him guilty before he ever got to court.

    • wow jones permalink

      Wow people are sure throwing the first stone here. I agree with “You’re not Goosetree” and all that he said are true. The key word in your statement is that he was Charged not convicted, Goosetree stick with what you have always told people and mind you own damn buisness

      • Ron Mexico permalink

        Stop self posting Ramsey! Where there is smoke there is fire! Sad thing Is several supervisors have had domestics and DUI’s. Ford and Daron will prob fire you but find another job for Lillard (for example)..

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