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CityProperties Lawsuit claims Davidson County sheriff’s office, general hospital’s procedures led to man’s death

December 1, 2012


Admitted to Nashville General Hospital after his arrest last May, Micheal Minick was many things. He was dehydrated. He was disoriented. He suffered from loss of muscle mass. He was also combative, a possible byproduct of being under the influence of drugs, police said.

But regardless of his mental state, his family says, he never should have ended up dead, beaten into a coma by four Davidson County Sheriff’s Office deputies in his hospital room after he allegedly became violent in May 2011.

A Metro Nashville Police Department investigation, the district attorney’s office and a Davidson County grand jury all found no wrongdoing in the four deputies’ actions, though.

Last month, Minick’s wife and mother, the coexecutors of his estate, filed a federal lawsuit against all the parties involved in Minick’s arrest and subsequent death.

Part of the suit takes aim specifically at hospital and law enforcement policies when it comes to dealing with combative patients.

The lawsuit claims current procedures at Nashville General and the sheriff’s office ultimately violated Minick’s constitutional rights and led to his untimely death.


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