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Alleged clerical error leads to accidental DCSO release of convicted murderer Finis Lewis!

December 1, 2012


Metro police say an accused murderer and gang member is on the streets because of a clerical error. Ex-convict Finis Lewis was mistakenly released from the Metro Jail May 14.

Law enforcement officers across the city are searching for the man police say should be considered “very dangerous.”

Lewis, 32, is under indictment for the August 2008 shooting death of Kenneth Crawley in the J.C. Napier Public Housing Development, police said. Crawley, 18, was on a bicycle when Lewis and a co-defendant got out of a pickup truck and allegedly gunned him down.

Lewis had been in custody since October 1, 2008. Police said residents in the J.C. Napier area actually thanked police and cheered when he was arrested.

An unrelated attempted murder charge against Lewis was dropped, apparently prompting his release. He was sentenced to 14 years in February 2000 for robbery convictions.

Lewis’ bail on the murder charge is set at $750,000. A criminal court bench warrant was issued for his arrest Tuesday.


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