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Deputy Sleeping?

November 23, 2012

The troubling part of this picture is that an inmate is in the vicinity of this sleeping deputy. The deputy appears to have his keys in his hand, in reach of the inmate. WHERE IS HIS SUPERVISOR?


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  1. Pam permalink

    This officer was also fired for allowing weekenders in there street clothes unsearched to mix with general population inmates. They brought in drugs and weapons for months. But Carrie Hall got them to believe has was running a cross making program for his church. While using inmate laborfor personal gain.

  2. Randy Porter permalink

    This same employee use to be a lieutenant years ago and fell a sleep during which there was an emergency that he failed to hear and respond to because he was asleep, after the incident was over one his staff went his office and tried to wake him up but was unable to be cause he was behind not one but two locked doors, he was later demoted back to a correctional officer 1.

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