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Deputy sleeping?

November 23, 2012

Deputy sleeping?

Daron Hall recently posted these pictures on the “Hall Monitor” to embarrass the officers, and scare others from publishing these types of photos. IRONICALLY nothing was done to the supervisors who are over these officers! Supervisors are aware of certain officers sleeping and nothing is done. However, when the pictures are published on facebook, the DCSO punishes the officers. This particular officer sleeps allegedly DAILY when he is in the control room, and his fellow officers repeatedly complain to their supervisor who does NOTHING.


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  1. gunny permalink

    How does this guy have a handicap placard and hold a security job?

    • Very good question! Does anyone know the answer? This gentleman works in security, has a HANDICAP placard, brags of his pain pill prescriptions, and sleeps on duty!? Where are the SUPERVISORS!!!!!

  2. Jamie permalink

    I thought this guy had a disabled placard in his truck? Do they not ever drug test these guys? I bet there levels are 10 * the normal limits.

  3. dan permalink

    It looks like he was nodding off from all those pain pills.

  4. What will the SERGEANT do If he falls asleep this month while he’s in the control room?? Well he has never done anything in the past.. Even when officers text him these pics and complained of the sleeping

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