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Justin Norris golfing, while you work??



Justin Norris is one of the best examples of ‘Cronyism’ in Daron Hall’s history! Justin is the son of longtime Sheriff’s office employee’s Lynn and Richard Norris. Richard is a court officer for Gloria Dumas and is married to the Head Public Defender. Justin attended the DCSO academy in October 2005, having previously allegedly being fired from CCA, and Juvenile Detention. Justin said in the academy on numerous occasions, that the Sheriff has said to his parents that he will move up the ranks QUICKLY! Justin was right! Justin made Corporal in months, was moved to the ‘community services’ division within a year. Justin appeared to continue his wonton and reckless behavior, being arrested at the Starlite Club on Dickerson Pike for impersonating a police officer, and theft. Ironically all charges have disappeared from the clerk’s website. Justin was then caught STEALING on duty from a non profit organization, among other things. 99.9% of other officers would have been TERMINATED! What is Justin doing now? Oh he is just golfing with his mom, and bragging about it on Facebook. Meanwhile, officers are short staffed, underpaid, have not had raises and are harassed by administrators.


*mature* catching up with Major Cox part II?



Kevin Cox had a decorated career with the DCSO. Kevin moved up the ranks with reckless abandon, as well as allegedly pulling over Rutherford County residents, getting several DUI’s, golfing and hanging with Daron and leaving a trail of screwed over officers in his wake. What is Daron Hall’s former favorite crony Kevin Cox up to these days?? We recently received SEVERAL messages from an individual claiming to be former Lieutenant Kevin Tevis. We were sent several pictures alleging to be Kevin Cox, included was links to a swingers web site profile which appears to be Kevin Cox ( poser_19) We can not validate if the pictures are of cox, or a different poor soul who has his tiny penis mangled in a wood chipper!? If you posses carnal knowledge of Cox, and would like to view the 7 photo spread, please feel free to message us!

The individual who claimed to be Tevis, has sent us a plethora of different pictures and information on several DCSO administrators and supervisors. Please stay tuned, and remember we only post RUMOR AND SATIRE!


Is Sgt. Chris Hampton the laziest supervisor in DCSO history?



Sgt. Chris Hampton supervises the officers and inmates of the AA Birch courthouse. We have received numerous complaints on Sgt. Hampton and his management style,, or should we say lack of A management style! Chris Hampton is personal friends with Captain Mark McClure and his appointment to the courthouse was allegedly a favor from McClure. Under Hampton’s watch, Cpl. Lew Walser FORGOT a female inmate in the holding area over night, resulting in a huge lawsuit against the DCSO! Ironically, weeks later a second inmate was forgot inside the holding cell by Walser, however this incident was allegedly swept under the rug by Hampton. This incident alone, will cost the DCSO tens of thousands if dollars! For years, under Hampton’s watch, deputies were allowed to work less than 40 hours per week, and were still paid for a full work week. This is blatant theft of tax payer dollars! Only recently has Hampton forced officers to come in an hour early, for fear of ending up on this blog. Hampton has allowed SEVERAL deputies to sleep on duty, we viewed text messages in which Hampton was sent a picture of sleeping inmates, and responded with a very managerial ‘LMAO!’ What is funny about officers sleeping on duty? In fact, an officer being allowed to sleep on duty is DISGUSTING! There have been allegations of unsafe work environments created by Hampton, including forcing officers to manage multiple inmates in court alone, and transport multiple SMU offenders, ALONE! Hampton is said to walk at a snails pace, unless he is in route to the lunchroom! Sgt. Hampton is said to park illegally at the metro fire hall, so he does not have to walk to half mile, that the rest of his deputies are forced to walk. How can you expect respect from your subordinates, if your not willing to park in the same spot that they do? We received a email from a female CJC deputy who was enraged at Hampton’s use of the fire hall to park. She was however, more enraged at Hampton allegedly confronting her and forcing her to use a different parking spot! We have received a PLETHORA of text messages, videos and pictures concerning Hampton, please stay tuned in the future ;)


Sexy Deputy



Ladies and gentlemen meet Solomon Holley of the DCSO’s security division. It is not hard to find Sgt. Holley.. He is usually two feet behind Wakenhut security guard turned Captain Gilbert. Holley is alleged to drive around south Nashville/Harding place area in his custom fake police car with blue lights. Holley is alleged to have pulled citizens over on a regular basis, not sure if he has a fake ticket book or not. Holley is alleged to have profiles on several sexual based web sites, even posing in his uniform in some of the pictures. If all else fails, check the order of protection or domestic violence docket at the courthouse. A court officer who is friends with the blog has alleged that Holley frequents these dockets with various girlfriends. The troubling part, is that Captain Gilbert is alleged to accompany Sgt Holley in court, even talking to the victims and attempting to throw his weight around in court. Captain Gilbert should seek guidance from Daron Hall, who once assisted Robert Lillard in domestic court, only to have him threaten a police officer a few weeks later over a female. Ladies, please don’t be smitten with the photos of Holley, he may look sexy in photos… However he is 5’8 and alleged to use steroids!


What is going on in DCSO jails?




In the above pictures, DCSO inmates appear to be having a lovely time, taking pictures of themselves and posting on Facebook. Warden Hall has created an environment, In which the inmates have an enjoyable stay, meanwhile the officers can not get a raise and are harassed by administrators! Maybe if Tony ‘tom tom’ ‘uncle tom’ ‘Steven from Django’ Wilkes wasn’t busy having affairs with coworkers (Meshawn) he would hold his administrators accountable!


Daron Hall ‘world class racist?’

Daron Hall is World Class LOL

Black officers being harassed at CJC?

As if you would expect anything less, troubling news if emerging from CJC! Allegedly, an African American officer is being harassed at Cjc by Dan Weikal and has been placed on ‘administrative leave!’ The officer, who we will keep nameless for now, is a great person and is known to speak his mind against the current Sheriff. The alleged ‘charges’ against him are laughable and the timing of this harassment is ironic. The officer is an out spoken supporter of Kenny Hardy, who is running for Sheriff vs. Daron Hall. As we know, Daron Hall has a history of alleged racism.. As he spoke to a known white supremacist group, and passed several policies targeting black officers. Daron Hall recently mocked the black community as he sent fake ‘get out of jail free’ cards to low income neighborhoods. Daron Hall has also been blamed for racial acts towards the Hispanic community as he lost a lawsuit for forcing a Hispanic woman to give birth while shackled and for the 287G immigration program.

Daron, creating a made up position for Tony Wilkes will not keep the minority officers from seeing through your racism.



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