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Daron Hall NOT running for mayor

We at feel directly responsible for Daron’s full head of white hair, and Daron’s decision NOT to run for mayor. Just google ‘Daron Hall’ and our blog rises to the top :) To the citizens of Nashville…. Your welcome :)


Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall, long considered a prime candidate for mayor, announced on Thursday that he won’t run for the job in 2015 and will continue in his current role instead.
Hall seemed to have an opening to generally run to the right of current candidates Megan Barry, Charles Robert Bone, David Fox, Jeremy Kane and Linda Rebrovick. But Hall said he wants to concentrate on running the sheriff’s office. He was elected to a fourth term in August.
“After months of careful consideration, I have decided not to run for mayor of Nashville,” Hall said. “The challenges and pressures of campaigning, balancing of my family life, and the responsibilities as sheriff have all led to this decision.”
In addition to his own election successes, Hall has proved to be an influential figure in local politics whose endorsement and campaign help are frequently sought by aspiring candidates.
Though he is credited with managing the sheriff’s office budget efficiently and helping the city’s budget by using inmate labor for brush removal and other work, he has also played a role in controversy.
In 2008, after a minor traffic stop, undocumented immigrant Juana Villegas was shackled by sheriff deputies while in labor. Hall also oversaw the sheriff’s 287(g) program, which checked the immigration status of those suspected to be in the country illegally. Critics said the program, which Hall has since abandoned, put people on the path to deportation for minor offenses.
Hall also spoke to a group identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as white supremacists. He also previously worked for Corrections Corporation of America, a private prison company frequently criticized by prison watchdog groups.
Hall isn’t the only potential candidate to decide against a run. Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors emailed supporters last week to say she also will not seek the office that will be vacated by Mayor Karl Dean.
“After countless family meetings, conversations with colleagues, and a year of soul searching I have decided not to run for mayor,” Neighbors told supporters. “I sincerely appreciate your confidence in me and your support.”

Blake Cantrell of the DCSO


We would like to introduce you to Blake Cantrell of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Blake was an officer at CJC and recently was elevated to the political hornets nest known at ‘trucks.’ Blake allegedly earned his position in community services by constantly kissing the posterior of Dan Weikal, CJC administrator. Blake was allegedly pulled from his post on several occasions to assist Dan with ‘special projects.’ It is alleged that Blake, being the intelligent officer that he is, pulled out Laroy Cloyd and several other max inmates, providing them with electric tools to ‘clean’ Cjc. Anyone who has EVER wore a DCSO uniform, knows that Laroy Cloyd is the LAST person you should hand an electric tool too. It is rumored that Blake moved to Nashville after being terminated from his hometown department in McKenzie, TN. It is also rumored that Blake frequents bars and night clubs.. He should fit in well with Justin Norris in the community services division. Maybe Justin can take Blake to hang out at the Starlight Club? Congratulations to Mr. Blake Cantrell, you made it!

We just hope you were not the officer with inmates picking up trash on Franklin Limestone last week? We have received some interesting photos in which the inmates appear to be smoking more cigarettes than picking up trash? Stay tuned…


Keep it classy Daron!


While officers are being micromanaged, underpaid, and over worked in the jails.. Daron is out with Anita Welch (warrants) flirting and taking ‘selfies!’

Harry Jines and Robert Demoss DCSO supervisors and affairs with subordinates?



Harry Jines and Robert DeMoss are supervisors with the DCSO. DeMoss is a Lieutenant who has bounced around from building to building, and Jines is currently a trainer who has been a Lieutenant and headed mobile booking. We would speculate that nothing is more disgusting than an individual using his rank, to get into the pants of a subordinate.. However this appears to be the DCSO way. Daron Hall spearheaded the movement by allegedly having an affair with Ginger, then divorcing his wife and marrying Ginger. John Ford has been rumored to have had affairs with Joan Frangos and Sheila Morgan. Kevin Johnson has been rumored to have had several ‘private lessons’ with Sheila on the mats after hours. Dan Weikel has been alleged to hit on anything moving, Tony Wilkes alleged affair with Meshawn Cook, Karla Whateverhernameisnow has been involved in multiple inter-department relationships/marriages. Robert Demoss was alleged to have been involved in a steamy trist with former officer Christy Adams, climaxing (no pun intended) with his wife coming to the facility and the three did their best Jerry Springer episode impersonation. Harry Jines dated and married officer Brandy Jines, and it is alleged that it ended when Harry discovered Brandy in a hotel with a fellow officer. Keep it classy DCSO supervisors!!! You work for a government agency, you are paid with tax payer dollars! How is a supervisor supposed to fairly supervise, when he is having sex with a subordinate? How is an officer supposed to feel when he/she is approached for sex by a supervisor? How is a supervisor supposed to fairly supervise a former lover of the officer he/she is having sex with?


Daron at a Murfreesboro bar.. While you work!

Today at 12:30, Daron Hall was spotted at Buster's place in Murfreesboro with Karla Weikal Crocker West Davis Gentry! What was Daron doing at a Murfreesboro bar in the middle of the day!? Meanwhile, officers are sweating in the jails, understaffed, without raises, and being scrutinized by the likes of Jamie Johnson and Dan Weikel. Maybe Daron had another white supremacist group to speak to? Perhaps Karla has decided to expand her name to Karla Weikel West Crocker Davis Gentry Hall?






Tony ‘Tom Tom’ Wilkes, Dan Weikel, Corley Pearson, Jamie Johnson, Michael Gilbert, Austin Bodie, Harold ‘T Dawg’ Taylor, Ruby ‘favor ain’t fair’ Joyner, Byron ‘Peter Griffin’ grizzle, need to be held accountable!!!!

Cronyism alive and well in 2014!! Meet Jack Byrd of the DCSO.


We have said it multiple times, we will continue to say it and we will scream it to the heavens.. If you desire to be promoted and move up the ladder within the DCSO, you MUST donate your personal dollars and time to the almighty Daron Hall and Rick Gentry!!! Jack Byrd has allegedly donated money to Daron Halls campaign, donated food and other items to events, and volunteered at virtually every bogus ‘event’ Rick Gentry has had. He made Corporal in a short time, survived several alleged bad uses of forces in booking, and is currently ranked … Drumroll please… NUMBER ONE on the armed services list. It had been alleged that Byrd often states to lieutenants in roll call that ‘one day you’ll he saluting me!’ Congratulations Mr. Byrd, as many have done before you, you have prostituted your self dignity for a 34k a year position.


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